Transforming Waste into Valuable Resources

At Harcourt Farm, we’re more than just a waste collection and recycling company – we’re pioneers of sustainable practices that harness the power of nature. Our innovative approach centers around the incredible black soldier fly, an unsung hero in waste management and protein production.

Transforming Organic Waste

Waste Collection and Recycling

Harcourts Farm collects waste from homes and business enterprises to be used in the rearing of BSF. Recent research carried out concluded that each household generates about 6kg of waste each week. Plastic and glass in this mix has the best chance of getting recycled, but the organic substances end up in dumpsites, where they decompose, releasing odours as well as methane, a lethal greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Harcourts will play its part by gathering all kinds of waste and subsequently sort the waste for recycling to begin. The organic waste collected will be used at Harcourt as food for the black soldier fly whereas the inorganic components will be recycled.

Insect Education Programs

Creating Awareness and Training Farmers

The rearing of black soldier fly larvae is a relatively new venture and therefore there is a need for communities, individuals and institutions to be sensitized. Harcourts has taken to their account to reiterate the importance of BSF to the neighboring community.

Harcourt also trains interested parties on the venture, delving into the construction of the required infrastructure, care of the insect from eggs to adult, and every stage in between. This involves the kinds of food required in each stage, the feed cycles, larvae harvesting and the different ways of drying harvested larvae, just to name a few.

Expert BSF Guidance


BSF farmers usually need a lot of insight, especially when just starting out. This ranges from greenhouse construction to getting the required supplies. In our experience farming BSF, we have worked with several suppliers, architects, and engineers. To make the process easy for our clients, we will recommend the best architects and engineers for your structure. We will also provide a supplier for the items required in the greenhouse, such as crates, eggies, insect nets, and rack schematics.

Once a farmer has trained with us, we will offer a free consultation for a period of 1 month to accord them the best chance of colony multiplication and eventually success in the business. However, the service is not restricted to only those who trained at Harcourt.

Embrace Sustainability Today!

Join us in revolutionizing waste management and sustainable farming. Discover the power of black soldier flies and organic recycling. Let’s create a greener future together!