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Harvesting Potential, Bridging Sustainability and Profitability

We think Harcourt is the company of the future; we are where circularity, sustainability, and profitability meet, and most importantly, we see the beauty within the beast.

Who we are

Harcourt Farm collects organic waste that is used to rear insects, the black soldier fly. The larval stage of the insects is harvested and utilized as source of animal protein. Once consumed, the organic waste is reduced to frass, which is an organic fertiliser.

Value Proposition

Our product is locally made with locally found material. Our product promotes circularity.

Addressing Climate Change Through CO2 Mitigation

Climate Impact Qualifying Activity

Our company mitigates the amount of CO2 produced in the environment. Fertiliser production and application releases more than 1 billion tonnes of CO2 every year. This high number poses great repercussions to the environment, as an increase in global average temperature is witnessed. This can be reduced by using frass produced by the Black Soldier Fly.

In open dumpsites organic waste decomposes and releases methane to the atmosphere. Due to its structure, methane traps more heat in the atmosphere per molecule than carbon dioxide (CO2), making it 80 times more harmful than CO2. Black Soldier Fly larvae consume organic waste curbing the release of methane.

Team Members

Our team is a diverse group of dedicated individuals united by a shared commitment to sustainable practices. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, fostering innovation and driving our mission to create a greener, more resilient future. Get to know the faces behind Harcourt’s transformative journey.

Director / Shareholder

Director / Shareholder

Director / Shareholder

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